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Welcome to the Village Place Community website. We welcome you and encourage you to get involved, whether through the message board, community events or both.

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NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS of the Village Place Community

HOA Board Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the Village Place Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving your community, please send an email to vilplace@ciramail.com. The term of this Director position will expire in October 2016.

Pool Update


The Villager Piranhas Swim Team began practicing at the Village Place Pool on May 16th.  Piranhas Team President Marian Whitney reported the water was clear and beautiful. Repairs to the pool facilities including painting, replacing siding, water leak repairs and general maintenance and cleaning will begin in the near future. Ms. Whitney is aware of these repairs and expressed her interest in partnering with the HOA Board for the improvement of the Pool and Facilities.


The VP Community Pool will open for practice by the Villager Piranhas Swim Team on May 16th. The Pool will open for Resident use on May 28, 2016. The Pool schedule has been updated on the Pool Webpage and on the Community Calendar. The yellow Pool Tags will again be used by residents. New residents can visit the Pool Webpage and download the 2016 Pool Tag Form.

5/11/16 Update

Repairs to the pumps has been completed and the pool water is now clear with good circulation throughout the entire pool. Bids are being requested for repairs to the pool facilities including painting, replacing siding, water leak repairs and general maintenance and cleaning. 

5/2/16 Update

This week, the pool is being vacuumed, algae removed, tiles are being scrubbed and chlorine is being added. Updates on the work will be posted daily.


The HOA Board approved and signed a new pool contract with Greater Houston Pool Management company on April 22nd. GHPM has been working this week to restore the pool and clean the water. GHPM has replaced one pump, but has discovered additional work that needs to be performed to restore the pool. 

The additional work should commence next week. Unless additional work is discovered, the Board anticipates pool restoration next week. 

Playground Mulch

A new layer of playground mulch was added the last week of April to cushion the play area and protect our children in case of falls or spills. The mulch is very beneficial around the hanging bar area, the slides and swings. Mulch must be added yearly to playgrounds, due to the wind, rain and children at play.

Pool Fence Painting

The Fence surrounding the pool had rusted and needed to be sanded and painted. The HOA Board approved and signed a contract to strip, sand and paint the fence. 

The Board is happy to report that the painting company had a crew onsite all week stripping, sanding and painting the fence. As of today, the work has been completed.

Tennis Court Repair

The HOA Board has been reviewing bids for the repair of the Tennis Courts. The bids have ranged from $110,000 to $125,000. The scope of work included court repair, net repair, wind screen replacements, light pole work and bulb replacement. Separately, we have been reviewing bids for new access locks to provide residents access, while preventing outsiders from using our courts.

The Board anticipates a contract to be signed in the near future and work to commence in the near future to restore the courts.

Village Place HOA May Board Meeting

The Village Place Homeowners Association May Board meeting will be held May 19, 2016, 7pm the the Village Place HOA Clubhouse on Lakeside Place Drive.

1.Establish Quorum/Call to Order

2. Review and Approval of Minutes -April 21, 2016

3. Financial Report (Balance sheet, Revenue and Expenses)

4. Committee Reports: (5 minutes each)
       A. Landscape Committee-Elysia Yeager
       B. Welcome Committee-Elysia Yeager
       C. Social Events-Jimmy Dunne
       D. Askew Update-Jennifer Major
       E. Swim Team-Rick Sperandio

5. Old Business:
      A. Tennis Court proposal update

6. New Business:
      A. Board member replacement vote

7. Homeowner Forum (3 minutes only)
       A. Pool Hours- Elysia Yeager
       B. Michael Cathcart
          1. Forming a committee to determine appropriate renovations of the tennis courts.  I will volunteer to be a part of this                   committee.
           2.  Lack of communication to the community by the Board regarding community matters.
      C. Jennifer Major - Clubhouse inspections and readiness. 

NOTE: Any owner who wishes to discuss a topic must request to be added to the agenda prior to the scheduled day of the meeting. Email Amber Carr at VILPLACE@ciramail.com to make the request.

8. Adjourn Open Session no later than 8:00 PM

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